Thursday, February 4, 2010

Catching Up

I was talking to Jo Faye this morning and decided I needed to go back and bring you all up to date on earlier incidents while we were shopping.

We had just finished shopping at Wal Mart and was heading to HEB. Well, when we got there, Jo Faye discovered she only had one glove. Needless to say I am sure she worried about that glove during our shopping in HEB. When we finished, she said she wanted to drive back to Wal Mart and see if she could fine it. I was just beside myself!! We had already been to 3 stores and I thought we were through and heading home but no I could not let her go back by herself and look so I took off and headed to Wal Mart. I knew where she had parked and turned the corner to see a large pickup parked where she had been. I slowed down and looked and right under their left front tire I saw a black glove. I motioned for her to go around me and I got out and retrieved the glove. She was so happy. It was a little dirty from that truck running over it but at least it was not under the tire so I was able to get it.

Okay, ready, here we go - about two weeks ago we were at Wal Mart and started our rounds. I was going in one direction and she was headed to the pharmacy, I think. I asked her if she had her phone and was it on? She said "Yes", then reached for the phone which was suppose to be attached to her waistband but was not. Oh wow, now what!! If we got separated we never would fine each other so we had to go around together which was fine but then again she knew she had put that phone on and she thought when I handed her a piece of salmon (which was frozen) that I had ordered from Vital Choice, that she might have twisted and the phone fell in the truck. When we finished our shopping much later, and checked out, we started to our vehicles. I was getting in mine when I looked up and she was just a smiling looking over the top of the truck with her hand held in the air with her phone. I said, "where was it"? and she said "it was on the ground". She was really lucky no one took it. Then on the way to HEB!!!

Okay, we went to Church Sunday night and discovered that a Financial Planner was holding a meeting in our usual room that we meet in. The doors were opened and all these people were in there and we (Jo Faye, Ruby Hazel, and me) were trying to figure out what to do. In the mean time Jo Faye apparently had eaten beans earlier and made this awful rumble and Ruby Hazel and I took off down the hall to look for another room I turned around when I heard the noise and Jo Faye was just laughing. I was just shocked to say the least!!! When we got to the room, Ruby Hazel and I sat on the side in front and Jo Faye sat across from us on the front row. LOL.

We really have some funny, funny, times but I wouldn't trade them for anything. I told Jo Faye that she was responsible for bringing me back to God and that she would have a pearl on the gate to Heaven and she said "that will probably be the only one". I dont't think so. She has and does live a beautiful Christian life and I am so proud she is my sister. I always wanted to be like her and maybe I will become more like her as time goes on. I pray I do.


  1. Sharon,
    I'm laughing so hard...tears are running down my face!

  2. I heard on the news this week that 15 minutes of laughter is the same as 30 minutes of exercise! I sure enjoyed the hour and 20 minutes of laughter on the phone with you and Mom today! You are two fine young ladies! I love you both!


  3. I love hearing y'alls grocery store stories. They're always hilarious!!!

    I agree with you...Grandmommy will have a whole bucket full of pearls!