Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grocery Day - February 17

I really don't have much to blog about today. We did not get started at our usual time because I had to take Sheila for a foot procedure before I went shopping.

I met Jo Faye at the gas pumps at Sam's. I was about finished forcing as much as I possibly could in my car when she drove up. She got out and started entering her card, etc. and then pumping her gas. There was a man next to her who pulled up and was preparing to pump his gas and was making a beeping noise because he was entering some numbers. Jo Faye started saying "whats that beeping noise"? I said, its the man behind you but she continued to ask what it was so I just went and got in my car!!!

We then drove to Wal Mart and parked. I got out and was waiting for her to get out wondering why it was taking her soooo long. She finally motioned for me to come there so I walked over to her car - she put the window down and said "I can't get out of my seat belt". I said "WHAT"? She said, "Your going to have to help me" - I thought, what am I going to do? I went around and got in on the passenger side and sat down. I looked at the seat belt lock and she was just about to push it again when it came loose. I just got out - I told her the only thing I knew I could do would be go in to Wal Mart and ask for a pair of scissors and cut her out. LOL. She said she would have had to drive to the Mazda dealer and see if they could help her. I am so thankful we did not have to do either.

The rest of our shopping was pretty good. I lost my pen in Wal Mart and borrowed one from her when we got to HEB but just as we were picking up the last items I noticed I only had the lid of her pen. I had lost the bottom. Oh well, what can I say.

We survived!!!! Had a few laughs - so it was a good day.


  1. I just love coming to your blog. I makes me laugh every time!!! I can just see you and Grandmommy laughing about her seat belt! Of course, imagining you going into Wal Mart to get scissors to cut her out makes me laugh even harder. Glad you didn't have to do that!

  2. You two are Crrrraaaazzzzy!!! I can just see you going and getting back in your car when Mother kept asking what was beeping.......and since she can't hear good, she was probably almost yelling "what is that beeping"......I am so glad she has you!
    P.S. I hope Sheila isn't in any pain. Tell her toe to get well quick.

  3. Sharon,
    You both CRACK me up so much! I'm so glad you were with her...I could just see her driving up to Mazda and honking her horn for someone to come out to help her. Somebody found some nice pens yesterday. I hope Sheila has a speedy recovery. Tammy:)

  4. I have to help Barrett get out of his seat belt too. Of course he is only 1 year old ;-)


  5. Poor grandmommy. lol! I hope McKenna and Jayma have as much fun together as y'all do.

  6. Wow,'s almost been a year since you posted on really are a busy woman!